Who is Cicada 3301?

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When you want to find something on the Internet, you ask Google right? What about the parts of the Internet that Google doesn't know about? There are lots of places on the Internet that Google doesn't know about. You can find some of these places if you know where to look. Other parts are hidden from everyone except people with the secret password. Nobody else can see these secret hidden places, not even the police or the important people that make the rules or the really smart people that make the Internet go.

Would you like to explore one of these hidden Internet places? It's called Cicada 3301. I'm pretty smart about Internet things but I'm not smart enough to figure out Cicada 3301 all by myself. I will explain the parts I did figure out. It might be a little scary but don't worry, we'll be careful.

The mystery continues.

cicada 3301
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